Monday, 26 May 2008


I've been having fun dyeing and blending up some drumcarded wool batts for the Wildcraft shop this weekend. And of course I had to sample the merchandise, so I've done a little spinning too :)

The first batch was made from a blend of 'Buffy' the sheep's wool, some kid mohair and a little bit of dyed silk waste. I've called this colourway 'Fire', and I think you'll see why:

Wool Batts - Fire colours

Wool Batts - Fire colours

It's a fairly smooth blend, as I wanted it to be possible to spin an even yarn from the batts. And it looks like that worked, as I was able to spin this little sample skein from one of the batts:

Yarn - Fire colours

Eye-poppingly bright isn't it? But I like bright colours :)

The batt I used to spin the yarn isn't shown in the photos above, as I didn't think of taking the photos until after I'd spun it up. The sample batt was a bit more blended than the others, which is why the colours have come out a quite even orange. The stripey batts will make more of a stripey yarn. I'd love to spin some more, but, tempting as it is, I mustn't use up all Wildcraft stock myself! :)

Next batch will be in 'water' colours, from Willow's fleece. Once I've got a set of each of the elements, I'll update the shop and you can try them for yourselves :)


clarel said...

Please spin some yarn for your shop!:)

Bea said...

We have to wait???? Noooo, I don't do patience ;-) Love the colours!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love batts and yours look great!

Anonymous said...

ooo, that's lovely. The colours are really vivid. Looking forward to seeing the water colours, although DH probably isn't ;)

Kai said...

'Fire' is absolutely gorgeous! *Kai wants to play too* :)