Friday, 4 January 2008

Stash sort out

I spent most of yesterday sorting out my yarn stash, photographing it and putting the items up on Ravelry. There are now 39 items in my Ravelry stash, heaven knows how many meters that is, I daren't add it up. What's nice is that I now have all my yarns organised, so I have no excuses for buying more yarn because I didn't realise I already owned something suitable. Besides, there are always other reasons for buying more yarn :)

My favourite find was this:

It's a commercial dk weight yarn that I hand dyed with indigo a couple of summers ago. I thought I'd used it all up on a Rowan cardigan that I also knit that summer, but yesterday I found six skeins' worth of it tucked away in my stash. I clearly made more than I thought. The Rowan cardigan is one of my favourites, the indigo colours came out beautifully and they are really colour fast, despite many washings (in the machine, on the delicate cycle). At the time that I dyed it, I thought it was a complete disaster because the colours came out so unevenly, but now that I've learned more about handpainted yarn, I've decided that I really like it. Might even have a go at indigo dyeing again when the weather warms up. Although it was very stinky, and the blue stained my hands for days.

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