Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ravelry Progress Bars?

How did they get there? Some geek with too much time on their hands must have put them in. Or maybe it was me, with a big lot of cutting and pasting from the techie discussion threads on Ravelry (it's easy cos they explain there exactly how to do it). They look pretty good though. Have I said before how much I love Ravelry?

By the way, those treefrog socks are actually finished now - I just haven't got around to taking photos of them. Be assured I'll post pics here too - I don't want to discriminate against any Ravelry-less readers.

And the Wicked sweater may actually be completed by the end of this weekend, as I've finally finished the first sleeve and have made good progress on the second. The body's a bit short still, but it looks as though I'll have plenty of yarn left to add to that once I've done the sleeves. I still love the handspun yarn I'm using for it - the more I work with it, the more the angora fibre in it blooms, it's going to be so cuddly soft to wear. Which means I'll have to go around hugging people to demonstrate :)


Melissa North said...

That wicked sweater is so gorgeous, I look forward to seeing it finished! I couldn't stop touching it, the yarn is fabulous.

Bea said...

Oh, oh such excitement, and not a little bit of jealousy here. I don't have pics with my progress bars. Off to see if I can have pics too! Love the socks.

Anonymous said...


Ravelry progress bars working their magic (or witchcraft) here on our blog!

In awe :)