Sunday, 2 March 2008

Treefrogs as promised

So, here are the pics of my Treefrog socks, finally finished. I thought I'd get all creative and take the photos while actually climbing a tree. Which was harder than I thought - I don't have sticky feet like a real treefrog. That's probably a good thing, it'd make it very difficult to remove the socks after wearing. And much as I like them, bright green doesn't go with all my outfits!

Anyway here they are:

Treefrog socks

And again:

Treefrog socks

And just to prove that I did knit two socks:

Treefrog socks

They were knitted in Posh Yarn's 'Emily' yarn, which is a blend of merino, cashmere and angora. It's a lovely yarn and the colours flowed beautifully as I knitted. It was a bit thicker than my preferred sock yarn, and I chose to knit them using the toe-up Widdershins pattern again, but since the guage was different from the original pattern, I adapted it according to Cabezalana's instructions. Well I say adapted, I sort of guessed the numbers, and then frogged the heel a zillion times until it looked right, grinding my teeth and growling all the while. The yarn held up surprisingly well to that, considering it's got that delicate cashmere and angora thing going on.

With hindsight, I think I should have knitted them with a slightly tighter guage, as the stitches stretch out more than I'd like over my feet and I can feel the purl stitch bumps under the soles. This isn't proving too much of a problem after a couple of days' wear as the soles are felting a little, making them much more comfy.

Other news - I have now finally finished my handspun Wicked sweater, hurrah! It's still damp from blocking, so I don't have photos yet. But I have done a happy dance, as well I should for a project that's been in the making for over four years! I'll blog all about it next time.

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Bea said...

I love the socks, I had to laugh at the pic of both socks as proof! Well done with finishing the Wicked sweater.