Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Dyeing - the results

Ok, so the rovings I dyed didn't quite match the photos they were supposed to be based on, but they did come out very pretty colours. Here's the first one, in blackberry colours:

Roving - Blackberries

Which was sort of based on this photo:

And this one, which came out a closer colour match:

Roving - Ebb Pool at Lyme

Used colours from this photo of the beach at Lyme Regis:

Ebb tide at Lyme Regis

They're both Shetland wool top and I'm having a hard time not spinning them up myself (note to self - hands off, they're for the shop!).

The day after dyeing these two, I went a bit wool dyeing crazy. I spent the whole day painting and cooking wool rovings, which resulted in this:

Rainbow Rovings

The second one in from the right is my second attempt at the blackberry colours, which I think came out better - although I still like the purply colours of the original one. I took notes of all of it, so hopefully I'll be able to repeat the colours.

By the end of Saturday, I was absolutely worn out. Spent most of Easter Sunday sitting still and knitting (oh and eating Easter eggs). But hey, I have a week off from work this week, so it seemed an ideal way to begin the holidays.

And in case you're wondering, I did dye a couple of rovings for myself to spin, there were some short leftover bits that seemed to jump into my hands out of the dyepot saying 'keep me, keep me'. And I simply can't refuse wool that talks :)


Bea said...

Ok, I commented before seeing that you had posted the results. Wow, what fantastic colours. I have no need to dye I will just buy from you! Link to the shop??

goldfishgirl said...

Thank you! The shop's not up yet, I'm still working on the software, but it will be at www.wildcraft.co.uk

Zoe said...

Can't wait for the shop to get up and running. I'm with Bea - I'm just going to buy from you. Amazing colours. I love the "coast" wool.

Anonymous said...

My goodness sooo gorgeous, that blackberry colour is to die for. I can't wait to see them in person!