Saturday, 12 April 2008


The handspun socks are finished! I think stripes on the second sock came out even better than the first, but they still match pretty well.

Handspun Socks

It had taken me a while to spin the yarn and it looks as though I didn't manage to stick to the same spinning thickness all the way through. So my spun yarn was a bit finer by the time I reached the second sock, which means it's slightly off gauge and a bit smaller than the first. But hopefully no-one will notice that when I'm wearing them and jumping around!

Handspun Socks

Spurred on by this success, I've also finished spinning up the BFL roving that I mentioned in my previous post. I navajo plied this one too as I want to see that stripey thing again when I knit the next pair of socks (yes, I'm obsessed by knitting socks, I admit it). The BFL fibre wasn't quite as soft as I hoped, I suspect it was just a bad batch as I've spun other BFL that's way softer. But it'll do for socks, and it's made a pretty yarn. I'll have to knit toe-ups again with this yarn, the 70grams of roving only made 190mtrs of yarn. But that should be just enough yarn for socks for me, I have little feet.

Handspun BFL Yarn


Anonymous said...

And very beautiful they are too. I bet they're soft too, well done.

Lizzy said...

Such lovely colours - another small hint

Bea said...

I'm impressed, and waiting patiently for you store to be up and running!