Sunday, 16 December 2007

Yay, a blog!

My first post, hurrah! I thought since I've been spending so much time setting up my projects on Ravelry, it's about time I have a blog to journal my crafty progress.

I'm currently knitting an alpaca cardigan with yarn that my brother brought me back from his epic journey to Peru. It's a skinny four ply baby alpaca yarn, which is taking ages to knit up, but it's so soft and huggable that I'll forgive it for being so skinny. Actually, the alpaca-ey softness keeps calling to me, and I can't keep away from the stuff, so in a little over a week I've finished the back of the cardigan, and half of the left front. Being a left-handed knitter, who is often confused by written patterns, I might be knitting the right front. I guess I'll find out when I've finished it...

This is the completed back:

And here's the left (or right) front, in progress:

The squiggly blue bits are ruffles, they took ages to cast on, there were something like 450 stitches for the back. And when I'd almost finished casting on for the back my circular Boye interchangeable needle came undone and I lost about half of the stitches. But that's another story. Suffice it to say I yelled a lot that day. Current progress is, however, good.

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